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I was originally planning to write a top 10 Tableau feature request, but my latest project begs me to focus on just one issue.

I’m currently documenting how a truly zaftig collection of dashboards was put together and how it should be maintained. I am struck at just how much effort I (and soon my client) must apply work around the same Tableau shortcoming.

And just what is that shortcoming?

The inability to have a filter apply to everything on a dashboard.  That is, an option that exists somewhere between “Local” (one) and “Global” (all).

Don’t get me wrong, I love Tableau.  Maybe not as much as Alan Smithee, but I really do love it.

But this particular shortcoming has taken what is already a massive project and added a good 10 to 15 percent more mass.

That’s one big productivity suck.

So, Tableau, I’ll be your best friend if you make filters dashboard centric.

Note — My friend (and uber Tableau master) Joe Mako points out that I am not alone in seeking this feature.  See






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  1. VizWiz,

    Thank you for taking the time to respond.

    Indeed, over the years folks from Tableau have said “well, you could make a visual filter and use actions” to do what you want.

    In some cases this presents a very elegant and useful solution. But in many instances this will not suffice. For example, suppose you wanted a single -select filter, but where there were 100 choices?

    My other problem with this is that end users need to be educated to use visualization as filters. Most people understand check boxes, radio buttons, drop down lists, etc. Without training (and instructions on how to handle multi-select) you may run into problems with the visual filter approach.

    Thanks again.


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