DON’T center, right-align, or justify text on a dashboard

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Or at least have a very good reason for doing so. Note: My observations are for dashboards in languages where one reads from left to right. If you create dashboards in Aramaic, Arabic, Hebrew, Urdu, etc., just reverse everything. IMPORTANT: Since posting I've received lots of feedback on this. I want to clarify that [...]

More about Population Pyramids (and why this community is amazing)

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February 6, 2019 My earlier post on why I don’t like Population Pyramids generated a lot of communication on twitter and this communication lead to what I think is an elegant and analytically solid offering from Chris Love.  His contribution was in the result of iterating and collaborating with several people, including Dorian Banutoiu [...]

Good enough, good enough, good enough, and *not* good enough

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Some thoughts on why pursuing the perfect chart is not a great use of your time January 22, 2019 Background During Chart Chat (Round Two) I discussed my affection for the lollipop chart and why I thought it was an acceptable alternative to the bar chart. My friend and colleague, Chris Love, was watching [...]

A Bar Chart and a Pie Chart Living in Harmony

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And a great way to visualize Pareto analysis December 2, 2018 Special thanks to Lindsey Poulter, Andy Cotgreave, Jeffrey Shaffer, Cole Nussbaumer Knaflic, Robert Kosara, Adam Crahen, and Joey Cherdarchuk. Overview While at this year’s Tapestry conference (by far my favorite conference) I had the good fortune to literally bump into Joey Cherdarchuk from [...]

Dr. Strangechart

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Or How I stopped worrying and learned to love appreciate the Marimekko March 19, 2017 Overview Readers of my blog know that I suffer from what Maarten Lambrechts calls xenographphobia, the fear of unusual graphics.  I’ll encounter a chart type that I’ve not seen before, purse my lips, and think (smugly) that there is undoubtedly [...]

What to do when so many people get it wrong

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By Steve Wexler and Jeffrey Shaffer January 9, 2017 Please also see follow-up post. Overview Makeover Monday, started by Andy Kriebel in 2009 and turned into a weekly social data project by Kriebel and Andy Cotgreave in 2016, is now one of the biggest community endeavors in data visualization. By the end of 2016 there were over 3,000 [...]