Chart Chat Live — Round 3

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Chris Love joins Steve and Jeff as they discuss Lollipop charts (again) Bar (chart) hopping Name the author Things that delighted Things that dismayed More on population pyramids (and the community offering some amazing alternatives, particularly from Chris Love) Critical thinking in data analysis

Chart Chat Live — Round 2

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Jeff and Steve discuss Jeff's makeover of the Nightingale "Rose" chart Lollipop charts Getting feedback from your audience (so you can see with fresh eyes) Joey Cherdarchuk from Dark Horse Analytics Pie Charts and Bar Charts living in harmony Padding in dashboards "Guess the author" Sankey diagrams Embellishments in music and dashboards Population pyramids [...]

Chart Chat Live – Round 1

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November 28, 2018 Thank you to everyone that joined our first Chart Chat Live webinar. In addition to the recording above, you can also download Steve’s slides here and download Jeff’s slides here. Recap After brief introductions, Steve discussed color and the use of BANs. Steve discussed “Lonely Numbers” [...]