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How to visualize check-all-that-apply questions using Tableau

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September 12, 2018 Overview I’ve recently seen some questionable approaches to visualizing check-all-that-apply questions (CATA questions) in Tableau. I’m concerned because many of these approaches won’t work if either you filter the data to only show some options, or if some of your survey participants skip the CATA questions. It’s the latter reason that [...]

Showing uncertainty in survey results

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Visual representation of error bars using Tableau August 20, 2018 Much thanks to Ben Jones whose book Communicating with Tableau provides the blueprint for the calculations I use, Jeffrey Shaffer for providing feedback on my prototypes and sharing research papers from Sönning, Cleveland, and McGill, and Daniel Zvinca for his thoughtful and always invaluable [...]

Dealing with survey tools that don’t code check-all-that-apply questions correctly

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Updated on September 11, 2018. Note: Special thanks to Joe Mako who suggested this approach. Overview I’m fortunate that when I work with survey data that is not well-coded I can take out my trusty copy of Tableau Prep, EasyMoprh, or Alteryx Designer and get my data “just so.” But what if you don’t have [...]