Data Revelations LLC
Briarcliff Manor, NY 10510
Telephone: 914.945.0567
eMail: swexler@datarevelations.com

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Data Revelations is a training, consulting, and development practice devoted to helping organizations understand, analyze, and share their data.

Steve Wexler (founder) is co-author of The Big Book of Dashboards: Visualizing Your Data Using Real-World Business Scenarios (Wiley, 2017).

Steve has worked with ADP, Gallup, Deloitte, Convergys, Consumer Reports, The Economist, ConEd, D&B, Marist, Cornell University, Stanford University, Tradeweb, Tiffany, McKinsey & Company, and many other organizations to help them understand and visualize their data.

Steve is a five-time Tableau Zen Master, Iron Viz Champion, and Tableau Training Partner.

His presentations, workshops, and training classes combine an extraordinary level of product mastery with the real-world experience gained through developing thousands of visualizations for dozens of clients. Steve has taught thousands of people in both large and small organizations and is known for conducting his seminars with clarity, patience, and humor.

Steve attended Princeton University and was awarded a fellowship from the University of Miami.


Tableau Zen Master
Tableau Iron Viz Champion
Strata – O’Reilly / Tableau Data Visualization Competition Winner

What People Are Saying

Working with Steve has been an incredible learning experience and a great pleasure. Steve is one of those rare people that combines a brilliant sense for business with excellent technical skills that allow him to operate at all levels at once. He’s a superb motivator for everyone he works with, and a fun person to be around. Our collaboration was an awesome experience; one I wish could have gone on much longer.

Jan Van Sas,
R&D Director, Sail-Labs

Working with Steve is professionally as good as it gets. Steve gets the most out of people by a) spearheading truly worthwhile and important projects (his eLearning Guild reports are the single most trustworthy snapshot available) and b) balancing kindness and empowerment with rigor and discipline. At the highest level, Steve has the ability and vision to vastly improve processes and create new intellectual products by taking full advantage of both people and technology.

Clark Aldrich,
Lead Designer/Co-Founder, SimuLearn

Steve is awesome. I have worked with Steve as he has herded a gaggle of strong-willed thought leaders through research projects to research publication. He’s an absolute wiz with technology, doing an incomparable job with visual programming. He’s tireless. He accomplishes difficult goals. I can’t recommend him more strongly.

Will Thalheimer,
President, Work-Learning Research, Inc.

Steve was a great collaborator and revolutionized the way we conduct survey analysis. Not only did he build a system that took us from a static model to an interactive model, he also created a system that allows our members to easily interrogate data, “freeing” that information for all to use and giving i4cp a major competitive advantage.

Jay Jamrog,
Sr. VP Research, i4cp

Steve is tremendously knowledgeable, extremely detail-oriented and maintains a sharp focus on client requirements. Steve’s knowledge of the data visualization technology allowed Defense Acquisition University to make much fuller use of our survey data than would have been otherwise possible. I have worked with Steve a number of times now and would hire him again in a minute.

Mark Oehlert,
Innovation/Emerging Technology/Gaming Evangelist, Defense Acquisition University

 Posted by on February 6, 2011