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Watch as Jeffrey Shaffer, Steve Wexler, Amanda Makulec, and Andy Cotgreave debate the good, the bad, and the “scaredy-cats” of data visualization.

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Cross-Function Mobility Recap

Here's a recording and recap of Real World Fake Data meets Chart Chat: Showing cross-function mobility in HR data 0:00 Introduction and Agenda 2:06 Backstory / Data 10:45 [...]

Chart Chat Live — Round 37

The Chart Chat hosts welcome guests Stephanie Woerner from MIT and Steven Franconeri from Northwestern and discuss their research proving that good data viz WORKS. [...]

Chart Chat Live — Round 36

The Chart Chat hosts welcome guest Alberto Cairo, author, professor, illustrator and hedonist. The quintet discuss and debate data visualization books and issues around "rules" in data visualization. [...]

Chart Chat Live — Round 35

The Chart Chat hosts welcome guest RJ Andrews, founder of InfoWeTrust, historical data visualization scholar, modern-day data viz practitioner, and curator of the amazing Visionary Book series. [...]

Chart Chat Live — Round 34

The Chart Chat hosts welcome guest Philip Bump, National Correspondent for The Washington Post and creator of the "How to Read This Chart" newsletter. Bump and the hosts each [...]

Chart Chat Live — Round 33

The Chart Chat hosts welcome guest Cole Nussbaumer Knaflic who discussed her new book, Storytelling with You.

Chart Chat Live — Round 32

The Chart Chat hosts discuss the tiny -- and not so tiny -- design decisions that go into crafting effective data visualizations.

Chart Chat Live — Round 31

The Chart Chat hosts speak with guests Seth Godin and Jasper Croome about creating the charts for The Carbon Almanac.

Chart Chat Live — Round 29

Amanda Makulec interviews Steve, Jeff, and Andy as they reflect on The Big Book of Dashboards, five years later.

Chart Chat Live — Round 28

A look behind the scenes of the making of Joss Fong's amazing Pandemic Polarization video for

Chart Chat Live — Round 27

Different approaches to making over a Veronoi treemap, some disturbingly similar charts from Viktor Orban and Joe Biden, thouhts on Iron Viz, and reflections on Robert Kosara's 2022 Outlier [...]

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