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Watch as Jeffrey Shaffer, Steve Wexler, Amanda Makulec, and Andy Cotgreave debate the good, the bad, and the “scaredy-cats” of data visualization.

One of the biggest lessons these industry leaders have learned is the importance of collaboration, iteration, and friction. Their passionate screen-sharing debates made for better dashboards and a better book.

By tuning in you’ll learn how to apply their thought processes to your own work. You’ll be entertained, and you’ll build better visualizations.

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The Chart Chat hosts discuss the tiny -- and not so tiny -- design decisions that go into crafting effective data visualizations.

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Our discussion with inventor, data visualization pioneer, and industry icon, Ben Shneiderman.

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Ros Pearce, data journalist at The Economist, visits Chart Chat. It was a great discussion.

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Revisit the political divide in the US, take a deep dive into a Washington Post visualization about vaccine intentions among healthcare workers, showcase some stellar social media data visualization [...]

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We discuss bar-in-bar charts, scaredy-cats and TURDs, great work from the New York Times, how to visualize 500,000 deaths, and the orange/blue debate.

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