Here’s a recording and recap of Real World Fake Data meets Chart Chat: Showing cross-function mobility in HR data

0:00 Introduction and Agenda
2:06 Backstory / Data
10:45 Assumptions, omissions, questions
14:09 Steve’s initial take
16:30 Nicole Lillian Mark’s submission
25:40 Dennis Kao’s submission
33:10 Kevin Flerlage’s submission
38:50 Andrzej Leszkiewicz’s submission
50:10 Jack Hineman’s submission
57:20 Why we didn’t all get the same results


Nicole Lillian Mark’s dashboard

Dennis Kao’s dashboard

Kevin Flerlage’s dashboard

Andrzej Leszkiewicz’s dashboard and Andrzej’s video explaining how the dashboard was built and it’s functionality

Jack Hineman’s dashboard

Real World Fake Data

Do Moore with Data