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Cross-Function Mobility Recap

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Here's a recording and recap of Real World Fake Data meets Chart Chat: Showing cross-function mobility in HR data 0:00 Introduction and Agenda 2:06 Backstory / Data 10:45 Assumptions, omissions, questions 14:09 Steve's initial take 16:30 Nicole Lillian Mark's submission 25:40 Dennis Kao's submission 33:10 Kevin Flerlage's submission 38:50 Andrzej Leszkiewicz's submission 50:10 [...]

2006—A Banner Year for Presentations Featuring Data Visualization

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In chatting with Seth Godin and Jasper Croome during one of last year’s Chart Chat episodes I realized that three of my all-time favorite presentations and videos that feature data visualization were all created in 2006. And they all hold up. Hans Rosling’s 2006 TED talk Rosling was a Swedish professor of Global Health who, using data, [...]