Masterclass engagements are a follow-on to private workshops where Steve spends time with small teams, moderating discussions among peers and stakeholders and showing how to apply the theory and techniques explored in the workshop to the client’s own work.

Sessions are typically 45 to 75 minutes long and are a great way to immediately apply the theories of the workshop to real-world dashboards.

What People Are Saying…

Steve’s masterclass with our entire group was a great follow-up to the instruction the day before; essentially taking the theory and seeing how it is applied to dashboards within the context of our business. During our time in the master class he encouraged the group to think critically about our dashboards and offer suggestions for improvement. There were so many brilliant ideas flying about we had to start recording them on a whiteboard.

Molly Schmied, Chief Analytics Officer at Ohio State University

Steve’s masterclass cemented the fundamentals of visual representation and best practices and also gave us the opportunity to showcase our own dashboards in order for him to provide guidance and recommendations.   The workshop combined with the masterclass has forever changed our development approach to visual analytics and redefined our principles and guidelines as to how we look at and interpret information.

Ben Lightfoot, Senior Director, Enterprise Analytics Norwegian Cruise Line Holding

The individual consults were professional, helpful, and engaging. Afterwards, several individuals told me they had received answers they had been stumped on for months!

Emily Packard, Outreach & Talent Advisor at ExxonMobil

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