Chart Chat Round 28 — March 17

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Watch as Jeffrey Shaffer, Steve Wexler, Andy Cotgreave, and Amanda Makulec debate the good, the bad, and the “scaredy-cats” of data visualization.

The biggest lesson Steve, Jeff, and Andy learned in writing The Big Book of Dashboards is the importance of collaboration, iteration, and friction. Their passionate screen-sharing debates made for better dashboards and a better book. 

In Chart Chat Live, the three authors are joined by Data Visualization Society Executive Director Amanda Makulec, and the four of them weigh in on what’s happening in the data visualization world.  By tuning in you’ll learn how to apply their thought processes to your own work. You’ll be entertained, and you’ll build better visualizations.

And do make sure to stay for the afterparty where you can chat with us.

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