Welcome to another journey into somewhat obscure, but terrific music performances. There won’t be any data viz stuff here, just some good music.

While the Rock & Roll party I wrote about last week was in honor of Les Paul, there were plenty of songs that had nothing to do with the musician / inventor but were instead just from Paul’s heyday.

One of them is “Rockin’ is Our Business”, an obscure tune that enjoyed some exposure because of its appearance in the seminal rock & roll movie, The Girl Can’t Help It.

Here’s a clip from the Rock & Roll Party performance featuring Darrel Higham.

Now of course I had to learn more about the song, and discovered this clip of the Treniers from the movie.

A note to anyone who cares about this type of thing: I SOOOOO want that early Fender Precision bass!

If you care to go further down the rabbit hole, here is a clip of the Treniers in 1954 with Jerry Lewis and Dean Martin.

Note: This song eventually made it into my band’s repertoire, and it was an absolute blast to perform.