I subscribe to a lot of newspapers and magazines (some of which I read), but to satisfy my interest in data visualization, I find the best information often comes from people I follow on Twitter and from newsletter subscriptions.

I’ll confess that I’m surprised at how many good conversations I see about data visualization on Twitter. With that in mind, here are three people in particular who, when I see they post something, make me think there’s a very good chance this will be worth reading.

Daniel Zvinca

Daniel lives in Romania and does data visualization as a hobby. He rarely initiates a twitter post, but his comments and contributions to other folks’ stuff are amazing. I’m very grateful he follows me as he often responds with “here is an alternative that works better than what you had proposed” and he’s almost always right.

If you are lucky, maybe he’ll comment on your stuff, too.

You can follow Dan on Twitter at https://twitter.com/danz_68.

Lisa Charlotte Muth

Lisa is one of the brilliant people behind the Datawrapper data visualization tool. She’s written some of the best articles I’ve seen about the intelligent use of color and typefaces in data visualization. If she posts something, it is almost certainly worth reading.

You can follow Lisa on Twitter at https://twitter.com/lisacmuth.

Philip Bump

One of the myriad newspapers I subscribe to is The Washington Post, and one of the best things that came from that subscription was discovering Philip Bump’s weekly newsletter. Each Saturday, national correspondent Philip Bump makes and breaks down charts explaining the latest in economics, pop culture, politics and more.

And each week, when I read his stuff I think “this is Chart Chat… but as a newsletter!”

You can subscribe to his newsletter at https://www.washingtonpost.com/newsletters/how-to-read-this-chart/.

And speaking of Chart Chat, Philip will be our guest for the October 13 Chart Chat livestream. You can register for free here.