As people who read my newsletter or attend Chart Chat know, I was one of the volunteers who contributed to The Carbon Almanac.

I also subscribe to the Carbon Almanac daily newsletter (it’s excellent). Here’s what came in the other day.

Carbon Almanac image discussing the carbon output of flying (it's a lot).

I used to travel a lot to give public and private workshops. Then the pandemic hit, and like everyone else I had to do everything virtually.

To my surprise and delight, the virtual workshops worked very well. In some respects they worked better than the in-person workshops. For example, I could now break a full-day workshop into two half-days. Yes, some of the collaborative exercises where a little harder to make work on Zoom, but for the most part the stuff worked, and worked well.

So I ask my colleagues who give workshops and presentations – and those that attend them:  If there’s a good reason for you to fly so you can meet in person, then of course, continue to do so.

But if not, please reconsider. The costs are high.

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