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The second thing you should do when working with survey data

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By Steve Wexler, January 15, 2017 Overview Before going any further this post assumes you’ve gotten your data “just so”; that is, you’ve reshaped your data and have the responses in both text and numeric form. If you’re not sure what this means, please review this post. Taking inventory by finding the universe of all questions [...]

Dealing with survey tools that don’t code check-all-that-apply questions correctly

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Updated on September 11, 2018. Note: Special thanks to Joe Mako who suggested this approach. Overview I’m fortunate that when I work with survey data that is not well-coded I can take out my trusty copy of Tableau Prep, EasyMoprh, or Alteryx Designer and get my data “just so.” But what if you don’t have [...]

Getting Survey Data “Just So”

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Overview In writing about visualizing survey data using Tableau I’ve found that the number one impediment to success is getting the data in the right format. In accompanying posts I'll explain how to get this done using Tableau Prep, Alteryx, Easymorph, and Tableau 10.x. What do I mean by “just so”? When I deal with survey data [...]

Reshaping Survey Data with Tableau 9.0

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Overview Tableau 9.0 includes a built-in data prepping tool that makes reshaping survey data so it plays nicely with Tableau a much smoother experience than using the Tableau Excel add-in.  While this new feature won’t replace by trusty copy of Alteryx (for reasons that I explain later in this post) there are many occasions where [...]