I was originally planning to write a top 10 Tableau feature request, but my latest project begs me to focus on just one issue.

I’m currently documenting how a truly zaftig collection of dashboards was put together and how it should be maintained. I am struck at just how much effort I (and soon my client) must apply work around the same Tableau shortcoming.

And just what is that shortcoming?

The inability to have a filter apply to everything on a dashboard.  That is, an option that exists somewhere between “Local” (one) and “Global” (all).

Don’t get me wrong, I love Tableau.  Maybe not as much as Alan Smithee, but I really do love it.

But this particular shortcoming has taken what is already a massive project and added a good 10 to 15 percent more mass.

That’s one big productivity suck.

So, Tableau, I’ll be your best friend if you make filters dashboard centric.

Note — My friend (and uber Tableau master) Joe Mako points out that I am not alone in seeking this feature.  See