Charts on Screens – We Need Your Help

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Data Viz and Star Trek I chatted recently with Andy Cotgreave about the original Star Trek series and how impressed I was with Dr. McCoy’s sickbay monitor. I think this is an AMAZING KPI monitoring dashboard and a lot of organizations could benefit from something like this. (Hey, Nick Desbarats… this is similar to your [...]

How to visualize Likert scale data broken down by different demographics

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Overview September 6, 2021 update: A big thanks to Chris Lay and Daniel Zvinca who chimed in on a variety of issues, the most important of which is that the margin of error is very large with a low response count. I've added an option to hide marks where the number of responses is fewer [...]

How to visualize Likert scale data in Tableau

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Note: A big thank you to Daniel Zvinca who wrote a wonderful article advocating the “inside-out” approach that I recommend here. Overview My preferred way to visualize Likert-scale data in Tableau is a little cumbersome to create and I suspect some audiences won’t find it intuitive. But it’s worth taking the effort to build, and [...]

Chart Chat Live — Round 20

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Revisit the political divide in the US, take a deep dive into a Washington Post visualization about vaccine intentions among healthcare workers, showcase some stellar social media data visualization projects, and review Robert Kosara's video on the famous Minard chart.

Try to Avoid Color Legends

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Let me show you a few techniques that will allow you to ditch color legends and in so doing make it easier for your audience to understand the charts you create. Direct Labeling Lines Here’s a “before” picture of a simple line chart with a color legend. Figure 1 - Line chart with color legend. [...]