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Simple Synchronized Scrolling in Tableau

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January 14, 2020 Overview Going back to 2013 I’ve had a “wish list” that Tableau has either addressed (navigation buttons, collapsible / expandable containers) or is about to address (dynamic parameters and server-side animation). One feature request that still remains unmet is being able to change the width of individual columns on a worksheet. [...]

Give. Yourself. A Break.

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December 31, 2019 So many tools, technologies, and initiatives Are you trying to learn and / or keep up with any of these tools, technologies, initiatives, and features? TableauPowerBIQlikMicrostrategyLooker, FlourishD3AlteryxTableau PrepTableau ServerKnimeRSPSSMapboxPythonAIMachine LearningSQL ServerPostgresJSONData Visualization SocietyMakeover MondayWorkout WednesdaySWD ChallengeIronQuestIronVizSports Viz Sundayset actionsviz animationsparameter actionsdynamic parametersspatial functionsetc. Just keeping up with one of these can [...]

DON’T center, right-align, or justify text on a dashboard

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Or at least have a very good reason for doing so. Note: My observations are for dashboards in languages where one reads from left to right. If you create dashboards in Aramaic, Arabic, Hebrew, Urdu, etc., just reverse everything. IMPORTANT: Since posting I've received lots of feedback on this. I want to clarify that [...]